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Hey! Welcome to my autograph site! My name is Natalie, and I've been a collector since the beginning of 2009. Click around the site to see all  of the autographs I've received! 

I use for most of my addresses. :)

Website and autograph updates are below, most recent posts are near the bottom, past posts are towards the top. 

5/28/11 update

Update: I just got back on here, and I have lots of new autographs to post, so I will be doing that as soon as I can. 

5/08/12 update

Hey guys! sorry I haven't updated in a year. Uhm. Got a few new autographs, including my new favorite celebrity in the entire world (tied with Daniel Tosh, of course), Mark Salling. Or as SOME people might know him, the badass on Fox's Glee.  I haven't updated in a while, but once I get time, I will put those up as soon as possible. So thanks for being patient with me. Junior year's about to end in a month for me, so I've got all this school work to do. Once that's all out of the way closer to the end of school, I'll update. I promise! and I also promise to update way more. Like as soon as I get a new autograph, I'll update. Thanks guys :)

7/4/12 update

Finally just put up some new autographs for you guys, so go take a look! I've only updated the album, and not the individual pages yet, so go look at the album first, and I will update the individual celebrity type pages as soon as i can, but I just wanted to get some new autographs up for you guys to look at, so you're welcome! :D  Have a great 4th of July.

7/26/12 Update

So for the past 4 days, I've been sending out autograph requests (check on my "waiting on" page for specifics) so hopefully I'll get at least one thing back soon. Fingers crossed. Also, whenever I send out a new request or a new autograph comes through the mail, I promise to update more often because we both know I haven't done much of that. So be on the lookout. 

7/27/12 Update

Told you guys I'd update more often. Anyway, as of right now, within the past 5 days, I sent out 17 autograph requests, so I hope I get at least one thing back. Also, I'm sending out my last batch (might be my last batch for a while anyway) tomorrow, with about 7-9 more requests, so I'll get those out tomorrow, and which will bring my grand total from these past 5 days up to about 25, plus or minus a few. So check back often!PS I changed my layout on the site, if you didn't notice, I wanted to try something different, but with the same idea. 

7/29/12 Update

As of today, I have about 20+ requests (in the recent month of course, not counting the ones from 2010, which I still haven't received anything) out at the moment, and more on my list to send out. Unfortunately, it's Sunday, and as we all know, there's no mail on Sundays. Even more inconveniently, my printer ran out of basically all the ink  (like every color) AND toner the day before my dad and brother left for boy scout camp in Idaho.Even if he were back from camp already (gone for a week), we'd still have to go out and buy more ink to put in, and my mom and I don't know what kind of ink to get. Anyway, long story short, printer's out of ink/toner, and we can't fix it, and therefore I can't print out any photos to send to people, and therefore can't send out fanmail for a week, so don't expect the "waiting on" list to change much unless I get a success from one of them. So I will post when I get a success and when my dad gets back so we can fix the printer and get some requests out again. Thanks everyone for the patience. 

8/2/12 Update

So, my printer's still out of ink/toner, and I have 4 requests ready to send out, minus the pictures, and 3 of them don't have stamps yet, plus the SASE's don't have stamps either. When my dad and brother get home from camp, we're gunna fix this problem with the printer and we need to go buy more stamps, so that's the update. Keep checking back, no successes as of yesterday, but I hope I get something back soon. 

8/3/12 Update

So today, I received an envelope from Tara Strong in the mail. That was awesome finally seeing a success haha. If you want to go check it out, it's in my photo gallery, and I also made a post about it in my "actresses" section. Go check it out! Also, in other news, my dad and brother get back late tomorrow from camp, so I'm probably going to go with my dad on Sunday to pick up some printer ink/toner from the store and get some more stamps on Monday so I can send out more requests. :)

8/6/12 Update

So my dad and brother got home, and I just got back from the post office to buy some stamps. Dad's going to fix the printer soon, and I gotta write some of my requests. I'm afraid I won't get them out today though, and I'll have to wait to put them in the mail tomorrow. So we'll see how it goes. So at least it's done. I'll update later today if I find anything good when the mail comes in a few hours.

8/6/12 (3:39 PST) Update

So after much waiting, I found out a bit later after I came home from the post office that my dad got fired today from his job, so I'm not sure how that's going to affect my collecting. I assume we're not going to be able to get as many stamps as we could if he still had his job, but I still am going to cut down on my collecting until he finds a new job. Also, I found nothing of interest in the mailbox today, so that was a bit depressing. oh well, I don't have any paper protector sheets left to keep it in anyway, so I guess that's good in terms of the not finding thing

8/8/12 Update

Today, I went and got the mail, and I thought I didn't have any replies, but really it was just hiding. It was Peter Behn, the voice of Thumper from Bambi. Sent: 7/28/12, received 8/8/12. :) Sent two pictures, got them both back, but only one was signed.

8/9/12 Update

Dad and I finally got that printer working again, and I printed out some pictures, I just sent five requests out today already, one of them is my most wanted right now (Channing Tatum of course), and I've seen a lot of successes from each of them, so hopefully I'll get mine back soon. Will update later if I get something in the mail worth telling you about.

8/11/12 Update

Checked the mail today, and I saw something of interest, so I opened it, and it turned out to be Bob Newhart, who was in Disney's "The Rescuers" as Bernard, and the Christmas movie, "Elf" as the father. Sent: 7/28/12, received: 8/11/12. The only bad part about this success is that I don't have any more page protectors I can use to put it in. so until we get more, I'm not sure what I'm going to do about that.

8/20/12 Update

Got home from the family reunion today, and while I was gone, I got Mary Costa (voice of Sleeping Beauty) in the mail. Must have came on Friday or Saturday, because there wasn't much mail when I got home today. Sent: 8/9/12, Received: 8/17/12 or 8/18/12. I also got the mail when it came today just a while ago, and found an envelope from Dick Jones (voice of Pinocchio). Sent: 7/28/12, received 8/20/12. Along with my two pictures that I sent signed, I also got my letter back with a little note from Dick on it. I'll post pictures of the two successes once I get everything on my camera settled from my reunion trip. Also, before I left for this family reunion thing, I forgot to mention that my Darren Criss request got sent back to me because i forgot one number on the address number. This makes my first RTS. I'll resend it soon though.

8/23/12 update

well shiyt. I totally resent Drew Seeley, and I told him i forgot a SASE, but I got him in the mail today, which made me feel weird. I also got back Pat Carroll, who voices both Ursula and Morgana in "The Little Mermaid" 1 and 2. Will post pictures soon.

9/5/12 Update

Hey, there. So today was my first day of my last year of high school, so that was good. I haven't really updated in a while, so sorry about that. Autographs I've received since I updated last include: President Barack Obama (Obama 2012, yes I'm a democrat, raised a democrat, even though I'm only 17, and have to wait 4 more years to vote legally), Two RTS's from the venue that I sent to Colbie Caillat and Gavin DeGraw from, and Donnie Dunagan (young Bambi from Walt Disney's classic "Bambi". I will post pictures this weekend so it'll be updated. Right now, school's top priority since it's my senior year. So you might notice I will update less, but it's for the best, so don't get too discouraged. I'll try to update in my free time. 

9/11/12 update

So obviously, I haven't been able to update much. It's only the second week, and I already have an in class essay tomorrow I have to do for English on a short book we just read.So yesterday, I got back the resent Drew Seeley request that I sent out a while back because I forgot a SASE last time, but it turns out he supplied it anyway, so I guess that worked out. 

9/13/12 update

As the Glee season 4 premiere rolls around in a little under four hours, (you east coasters suck, man) I cannot find anything to keep me distracted until 9 besides autograph blogging and cleaning my room since the cleaning ladies come tomorrow. So today I got Ed Asner's autograph in the mail. Very funny man. And yes, a photo update is necessary, and I keep promising that I'll put them up soon, but I've just been overwhelmed with school, so I triple promise they'll be up this weekend, most likely tomorrow in the afternoon or something. I'll update if needed. 

9/27/12 Update

Oh my god, I seriously need to get back in my game this weekend. I'm so sorry I keep not updating. Especially the last two weeks, I should have, since I haven't had much homework, but all my social plans have been taking up time on the weekends. This weekend seems pretty stressful, especially with tight homework schedules and it being homecoming week, and homecoming's tomorrow, and the dance is on Saturday, but Saturday afternoon or so (PST) or Sunday, expect some pictures. If I don't get them up, then just start yelling at me. You have my permission. After I do this update right now, I'm updating my waiting on list, since I haven't exactly done that, and I've gotten a few autographs since I updated last. So yes, pictures being put up, homecoming parade, homecoming game, homecoming dance, and Ducks game this weekend. Not to mention homework. Also my daddy got me tickets to go see Justin Bieber when he comes to Portland on the 8th for his tour. Did i mention he's sold out? yeah. Anyway I'm super excited, and I'm sending to him VV there, so hopefully I will get something back.

11/27/12 Update

Well... this is awkward. I haven't updated in two months. I've been so busy lately and I haven't had much time to update, let alone get those pictures up. So far, nothing on the Justin Bieber VV yet. But earlier this month, I learned that Miss Amber Riley of "Glee" was doing a Broadway show until the middle of the month, and I know how bad she is with regular fanmail, so I sent to the NY City Center to get her VV, and I talked to a guy who said he'd pass it on for me. No response yet, but it only ended on the 18th, and with the break of no mail with Thanksgiving, I figured I wouldn't get it for a while. I also learned that my favorite comedian Daniel Tosh was doing a charity event in my city on the 25th, and I've sent to him VV before, and got nothing back, but I sent to this same place in June for Jane Lynch, and got a reply two weeks later, so I figured I'd  have better luck sending to there instead of out of state at a place that I didn't know as well. I saw a VV success from someone on the fanmail website I use back in late Aug, and I knew he was a pretty good VV signer. So I sent to him there where I knew I'd have more of a chance of getting it than I would sending to a different venue I didn't know as well. And that basically sums up my two month break, although I did get two different autographs from Seth MacFarlane and Blood on the Dance Floor (they're a band) (VV) for my friends, but I don't really count them because I hate both of them and I just got them for my friends, but I'm still putting them in my "Waiting on" section. So that's pretty much what's happened in two months.

12/3/12 Update

Fun fact, I turn 18 in two weeks from yesterday. Anyway, my update is basically that I've taken the pictures of all the autographs that I haven't uploaded yet, so they should be up sometime this week when I'm able to use the computer that I'm writing this on because I always use this computer to upload pictures, so it has all my stuff on it. I also have not seen if my mail is here yet, but usually it's not here until 4ish on Mondays and Tuesdays, so I'm just waiting for it to get here. Plus, the mail usually isn't here until I get home from school on the other days of the week and I have early release every other day of the week (I'm a senior, we have block schedules so we have class every other day) so usually it's not here. Which sucks. Because I have two requests out that I'd love to get back really soon. So yeah, I'll upload the pictures as soon as I can. I'm getting there. Stay patient with me.


Happy New Year! Uhm.... so I've been super busy with school for the past month (plus finals are next week which doesn't help much) and remember those pictures I said I'd finally put up? still haven't gotten to them. After finals next week on Thursday, I have no school on Friday so it's a three day weekend with no homework. So I will update and put up pictures when that rolls around. Until then, really the only thing being updated is the waiting on/sent out list, which I'm doing right after I post this. 


Well…here we are again, a year and a half later…uhm. Let's see. Let's play some catchup, shall we? I graduated from high school in June 2013, and am at Portland Community College. I have an amazing boyfriend who I've been with for a day short of a year. I think you've noticed I have a pattern that I usually like ignore this website during the school year. I rarely send out fanmail during the year. I just got back from the post office, and have sent out requests to Santino Fontana, Idina Menzel, Carly Rae Jepsen, James Franco (all via venue at Broadway shows), Britney Spears at Las Vegas, and Dirk Nowitzki for a friend. I will update my waiting on/sent out list as soon as I can. It'll probably be Friday evening or Saturday.

5/22/14 Update

Well, I didn't get to updating. BUT I do have some actual updates! So, I sent out a request to t for Neil Patrick Harris via a Broadway production for a friend, so hopefully that'll come back because I literally sent a magazine to get signed. Anyway, today, I walked out to my mailbox and saw that there was one of my envelopes I sent out in the mail today and I got super excited. At first, I thought it was an RTS, but I looked closer and the red mark was just circling the "photos enclosed do not bend" note. So that was really cool they enforced that. I went inside to open it, and found that it was Santino Fontana, the voice of Prince Hans from "Frozen". I sent it to the Vivian Beaumont Theatre on May 14th, and got it back today, May 22nd. I really like the way he does his signature. It's really cool. I'm also announcing that in addition to the autographs that I put in the photo album, I'm also putting them on the main page (this page you're on right now) to make it easier for all of you, because it's actually really difficult to manageall of these pages at once, and it makes it easier for me. So here are the two pictures I sent out! 

5/22/14 Update Pt 2 (3:40 PM PST)

Hey guys, so I've been thinking lately…As much as I love giving you guys a website to keep you updated… I haven't really been keeping you updated much. And that's partly because of school and such responsibilities. However, a really more efficient way of doing this would be is if I went on instagram and did it that way. It's much simpler for me to just snap a picture and then directly upload it instead of having to dump my camera feed over and over again and sometimes I'm not able to post as soon as I can or I'm limited in my postings. And I know at one point, Webs is going to run out of space for this. The instagram account won't be as organized as this, like with all of the different sections, but it'll still have all of the necessary features, and as far as the waiting on list goes, I can just take a picture of it every time I send a request out or get one back and upload it. However, there are some upsides to having this website. I'm just putting it out there that it's a possibility that I'm definitely considering. I already have an instagram account (you can totally follow me if you deem that necessary: @natalie_n_clark) so either I'll just make a new account for my autographs or I'll just post along with my regular instagram if I do decide to switch over to instagram. I'll keep you updated on that decision. For right now, I'll keep the website and try to update it as much as possible, especially the waiting on list because that's definitely an issue.

5/27/14 Update

Still haven't gotten anything since last updated. So that's what's new. I have a bunch of people to send out to and I have everything printed and stuff but I'm running low on stamps and i don't have the money to get new stamps right now and my parents won't buy me any. So that kinda sucks. I'm also running low on envelopes. But I'm gunna get these sent out nonetheless (especially priority ones are VV)

6/2/14 Update

Hey guys! Today I got Dirk Nowitzki back in the mail. I sent it out on May 14th, 2014, and got it back either Saturday the 31st or today June 2nd. It looked like it would have been the 31st, according to the stamped date on the envelope. My primary reason for sending a request out to him was because I have a friend who practically worships him, and I'm a fan of him myself. I don't like his team, but I really like the way he plays, so I thought I'd try my luck with two pictures, one for my friend and one for me. However, that wasn't the case. When I opened the letter (which was closed shut with clear packing tape for some reason) I noticed the smaller of the two was in front, and I looked for the autograph, but didn't find it. So I wondered if maybe he didn't sign multiple items or something like that. The bigger of the two was the one that was signed. The top of the picture got ruined from the tape on the envelope. I don't plan on retrying the other picture because I have other stuff with higher priorities, so I'm not going to retry to get the other photo signed and I'm running incredibly low on stamps anyway. Here's a picture of them (the one without the autograph I decided to not show very much because it's not worth much.)

6/12/14 Update

Hey everyone, I usually post the day that I get a response back in the mail, but however, I didn't really feel like posting yesterday. I was feeling a bit down yesterday because of my grades. Anyway, yesterday, I received a response from Carly Rae Jepsen via "Cinderella" on Broadway. Her usual wait was about 2 months from that show from what I noticed, but I sent mine out May 14th, and received it on the 11th of June, so that's…a little less than a month, because (I assume) that the show is ending soon. The address is no longer valid, as there's only a couple of shows remaining. Here's the picture! 

7/15/14 Update

I've been super busy lately so here's a quick update on my life. Let's see. I'm working at the new Laughing Planet Cafe location that just went in where I'm living, and that's really fun. Since I last posted, I've gotten an RTS from George Lopez VV (I sent way too late), a success from Michele Knotz who does some voice work on Pokemon (like the newer ones), and I have her a a friend on Facebook as well. I sent to her a couple of years ago I guess and she won't reply without an SASE and so she just held my stuff for me until she was able to find me on Facebook and tell me that I needed to give her an SASE. So I got that back a while ago. I'll post dates later. One last thing: I'm meeting THE Chris Colfer (Kurt Hummel on Glee) on Thursday in two days. He's doing a book tour for his new book The Land of Stories: A Grimm Warning, which is the 3rd book in the series. He's finally coming to Oregon. Beaverton Powell's bookstore Cedar Hills Crossing at 4 PM PST. I'm so excited to meet him!! I hear he's like the sweetest most kind person ever.

7/23/14 Update

Hey everyone! I've got lots of pictures to upload in this post, so I'm sorry if it ends up being super long even without the pictures. So since I last posted, I've gotten Michele Knotz, Chris Colfer (in person), and Daniel Radcliffe authentically with the rest of the cast of "the Cripple of Inishmaan" with a signed Broadway playbill. The pictures will be the last thing after all of the text. 

Michele Knotz: Okay, this one's a really funny story. So I'm a huge fan of Pokemon, right? So, of course, I sent her a request, even though it's not the...original Pokemon (which was so much better), back probably in 2010, I think. Around then. maybe 2011 or 12. I really can't remember. I don't even think I put it on my list on this website. Anyway, after not hearing from her (she's usually a really fast responder), I kinda forgot about it. A couple of years later, I get a message and a friend request from her on Facebook and I was like "why does she sound so familiar" (the message hadn't shown up in my messages folder yet) and it took me literally like two days to figure it out. So I read her message, and apparently she's had my stuff for about 2 or more years and wanted to get it back to me, however I didn't send an SASE, and she can't pay for envelopes to send back. So she told me to send one and I did. I got my pictures back on 6/30/14. She had to fold them because I couldn't remember how big the pictures were but luckily they were small enough that they fit inside the envelope. Long story short, we're friends on Facebook, and we talk occasionally. So that's pretty cool.

Meeting Chris Colfer: Back in May, I was scrolling through my Twitter feed (@NatalieNClark if you wanna follow) and I came across Chris' book tour schedule and didn't think he'd be coming to Oregon, so I clicked on it and was like "hey i wonder if there's anywhere i can send to for him to sign" and I look, and toward the bottom, I see "Powell's Cedar Hills Crossing at 4 PM July 17th" and I literally had to stop myself from screaming. So the day of, I tagged Chris' page in my Facebook post and I tweet about it and all that. my friend picks me up, and we go over there at like...11 AM, so we're literally at the mall for 6 hours, which I thought, you know, it's gunna be super crowded by that time, so whatever, let's go. Powell's opens at 10 AM and I thought we'd need to get there by then. Nope! People start arriving at like...2:45 PM... some even almost a half an hour early. I got my ticket right as soon as I got there. and I was probably the 4th group called. We weren't allowed to take pictures or video while we were in line or while he was signing but we got to after. So I get up to him and he asks me how I'm doing and I say fantastic. He signs my book and he asks me straight up if I'm Natalie and I told him I am and I was like freaking out because he knew my name because of me mentioning him a bunch over social networks. So he says it's nice to meet you and I say you too and he says I hope you enjoy the book! I say that I definitely will because I really liked the first two and he says good and then we say our goodbyes and I walk away and go to the photo pit and take pictures and freak out because he knew my name. And that was that.

Daniel Radcliffe and the cast of "The Cripple of Inishmaan": Prior to this, I only had a preprint for Daniel Radcliffe, as I had sent to him in Canada while he was shooting a movie a while back. So I saw how many people were getting successes so I figured i'd try my luck less than three weeks before the show was ending. I saw it took about a month for some, so I thought it might be too late. I sent a letter to the stage manager on July 2nd to the Cort Theatre in New York, and received my signed playbill anywhere from 7/19 (a Saturday) - 22nd/14 as I had checked my mail that day and I don't know if that day's mail already came or not, and there's obviously no mail on Sundays. I'm really excited to have an authentic autograph from Daniel Radcliffe though. 

Pictures! (in order of text post)

7/23/14 Update, con't

It looks like the picture for the signed playbill won't fit in the last post (I wonder why....) so I have to make a new post for it. So here's that picture:

Another thing: sorry about the huge post. I got so behind and I've been super busy lately and I don't have a lot of time to post when I do get a response.

8/10/14 Update

Okay guys, first things first: new autograph! I sent a request to Florida Georgia Line via their management's email and got a reply three days later. I'm not even a country fan at all and I really like their music. A funny thing actually happened, as well. After a few weeks, I got the mail and I found another signed picture from them, so I'm selling that one. The picture that I post in this update is not the one for sale, however. Another announcement: I am deleting the sections (actor/actress, singer, etc) The older pictures are available to view in the photo album. I'm doing this because I'm never able to catch up with them, and the only page I really update on here is the homepage, and I'm making room for a new section: for sale. This page will be active as long as I have something up to sell, which is really never, as I don't really sell or trade. The extra signed FGL picture that I got in the mail will be up as long as someone doesn't buy it. Go on to that page for more details if you are interested. As a reminder, the photo posted in here is the one that I'm keeping. I will post the one for sale once I get that page up. 


8/10/14 Update pt 2

Hey guys, I forgot to mention that I got Neil Patrick Harris as well. I initially sent to him on May 20th VV while he's still doing Hedwig on Bway, but never got a reply (I sent a magazine for a friend and the request cost me over 11 bucks including buying the magazine so that sucked. Anyway, after two months without a reply, I decided to resend. I resent on 7/28/14, and received them back on 8/6/14. One of them is for my friend Ethan who is a HUGE NPH fan. The address is still valid for a week from today.

8/27/14 Update

Hi everyone! Yesterday, I lived a goal of mine I've been trying to accomplish for more than a year now: find a spot where they're filming Portlandia, get on the show, and meet Fred and Carrie. A friend of mine on Facebook found that they needed extras for crowd scenes and to meet at a certain location at two times. My friend and I bussed down there (under contract I'm not allowed to tell you what we filmed or who the special guest was) The first scene was super discouraging and we went to the second, which was an interview scene. They had the first two seats of the rows filled and needed a different shot angle, and they picked people who were sitting in the 3rd and 4th seats from the aisle and moved them over by Fred and Carrie, and I ended up sitting two seats away from Fred and 3 away from Carrie. Fred and I talked and I asked him how the Emmys were and he said they were awesome and everyone was super nice and all that, and the people around us all kinda joined in and we talked for a while and laughed in between shots. He's so much fun. He even asked me where I lived. It was so much fun. It was really hard not to laugh between takes of the different angles because they say everything so different in different takes. Anyway, after filming wrapped for the day, I was able to catch Fred right before everyone else got to him and I brought a notebook and he signed a page. I wasn't able to get a picture with either Fred or Carrie, but after the director pulled them aside, I was able to catch Carrie really fast and ask her to sign a page in my notebook. They're both really sweet people. If you ever get a chance to be on Portlandia on a 90+ degree it. It's so worth it. We weren't allowed to take pictures in between takes, but everyone did, and I'm not going to post those just because they asked us not to take them in the first place, but here are the autographs! 

8/28/14 Update

So I hadn't checked the mail in a while, but I sent Senator Jeff Merkley (whom I had met back a few months ago when he came to Lake Oswego to talk, but I never asked him to sign anything) I sent an email to Jeff's website at on August 13th, and when I received a response, the letter was dated August 21st, so I must have gotten it on the 25th or around then. I'm really happy I got a response from him and I really support what he's doing for Oregon. I even voted for him so I'm really happy that I got something back. Here are the pictures of the letter and the photo! It looks as if the inscription and signature are preprinted, but the signature on the letter looks legitimate, but I'm not sure. Any input would be good.

8/29/14 Update

 So, I'm leaving for Monument tomorrow to visit family and I won't be active this long weekend. They have internet, however the lack of my mail getting delivered over there will prevent me from posting anything. I will be gone until Monday late afternoon or evening and will check the mail when I get home and hopefully give you guys an update if there's anything of interest. Either way, I will post when I get home. Have a great Labor Day weekend! (ALSO DUCK FOOTBALL KICKOFF IS TOMORROW HELLZ TO THE YES)

9/4/14 Update

5/13/19 Update

Hey guys- so clearly this whole website thing isn't working out for me. I've decided to jump ship over to Tumblr as I already have quite a few blogs over there already, and since this site seems more of something that should be blogged, I've decided to move this over to tumblr. I haven't quite gotten anything transferred over quite yet, but considering it's been quite a while since I've been active in the autograph community. I still collect autographs but I never update here. The website link is Again I just made it so it doesn't have any content but I am looking at a copy/paste situation there and importing all that from here. It's a work in progress.